Why Coding ?

Posted by kristinreddington on April 11, 2018

The more I talk with the students of Flatiron, meet other programmers and read others’ blog posts shaped around the rhetoric of :

why coding, why commit to this industry of constant fluctuation, demand and evolution,

the more I’m convinced that as unique our backgrounds, experience and reasoning are, we are a community built on a similar esoteric purpose.

I recieved my undergraduate degree in textile merchandising & design, so a question I get often is, “Why coding?”. I can go on to explain that after graduating, I felt like I had aquired a ton of general knowledge and had a plethora of valid adjectives sprinkled around my resume like communicative, hard-working, analytical and dynamic, I knew I was missing something. So, with all my passion and drive, I up and left my home of 22 years and drove to Richmond, Virginia without a plan.

Fast forward one year and a job working in fashion operations later, I still felt the hole of my missing peice, so I up and left across the county with two suitcases, and no plan, to Los Angeles. After six months of living in a beautiful place and at another job, I discovered a passion for coding - my missing peice - and clarity.

I can go on to explain that for years I knew I wanted to work in an industry that’s just as strategic as it is creative but didn’t know where to find it. I can also explain that searching for something undefined without direction is like trying to nail jello to a tree. That without accepting a challenge that initially seems borderline impossible, you’ll never find growth and true confidence.

But what I usually compensate with is this: I am, like most students here, willing to take a risk to advance my career and change my life. Leaving California to come home two years after college graduation to learn code in my childhood bedroom was the most difficult and daunting decision I’ve made so far. It meant sacrifice, discipline and entering a world of the unknown without any garuntees. But, learning how to code, and actually loving what I do every day is a reward that has finally brought a sense of clarity, purpose and success to my life.

Flatiron was the obvious choice for redirecting my career path due to its teaching style, reliable rescources and community. A community I’m starting to realize that’s built on the same mission: bettering ourselves and helping others better themselves to live more fulfilling lives by doing our small part in making the world a better place by creating something that wasn’t there before.