A Ruby on Rails Guide for building a social app

Posted by kristinreddington on September 25, 2018

This tutorial is aimed at the intermediate Rails coder that wants a detailed, yet loose enough to make their own, instruction manual. Hopefully by the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a shiny new app to show off and have learned something new or brushed up on old skills. This tutorial also assumes you have basic Rails knowledge, but a beginner can easily follow along with an expected learning curve and some independent research on certain topics.

You’ll also want to have a Ruby on Rails local environment setup (I’m using Ruby version 2.3.3) before you begin. We’ll start by generating a new app. Please note you can use whatever name you’d like, as this tutorial is purposefully guiding you with room for personalization - I’ll be naming mine “ansluta”, Swedish for connect. And yes, Ansluta is also what IKEA calls their electronic transformer power cords :) Go IKEA.

We’ll run the command :