Kristin Reddington

An aspiring coder's diary

Fully Stacked

I designed my Sinatra project to build off my first project, the CLI data gem. For the latter, I scraped a skincare website for different products, categorized them, and gave users further details for each product. I felt proud I was able to create synergistic class models, CLI logic and scraping methods to form a simple little functioning gem. But, I knew entering the Sinatra section, everything was about to come together and the power of coding, from the database and models, to views and everything in between, was about to leverage my ability to create real value.

First Milestone with CLI

Before beginning this project, I projected my timeline to be around three to four days, maximum. In reality, it took me a good five days to code my CLI gem, and currently, I still have the video walkthrough to record before submitting everything for approval.

Why Coding ?

The more I talk with the students of Flatiron, meet other programmers and read others’ blog posts shaped around the rhetoric of :